Our goal is

Erper Mining, together with its employees, the healthy development of universal standards of quality and aims to provide products and services. Country, customers, partners, dealers and aftermarket reliability, continuity, and aims to be a symbol of prestige.

Always the “best” to be indispensable to our destination.
Quality in service, supply sources and dealers in our relationship, we have the best and the public is our main goal to maintain that image. To achieve this goal areas in which we operate and management to undertake basic principle is to be the leader in the market.

Our most important capital, human resources.
The quality of our product and service quality begins with our employees. Best staff and adults in our community to attract and employ manpower, capabilities of our people, to ensure maximum benefit from the power and creativity; to increase their productivity, development and cooperation and solidarity to enable them to flourish to create a working environment where, for generations of Erp Mining is one way to ensure continuity.

Our goal is to create resources for continuous improvement.
To ensure continuity of service, to perform the necessary investments; to encourage the merger of small and big savings, provide capital to shareholders who are entitled to profit; economic and social development of our employees and the community to help, to create resources from activities and ensuring the rational use of all resources to compromise extravagance, one of our main principles.