-Mollaköy Perlite Plant was put into operation in 1969 by Düzgün ÜRÜN. When activated, this mine has the distinction of being one of Turkey's first Perlite Mine Property.
-Er-Per Co.Ltd. Mollaköy perlite mine operations in Erzincan and contributes to all briquette, tile and building materials producers in the region and contributes to the economy of the region.
-The aim of our company management is to accelerate the development and increase the quality in related business lines that will provide technical support to all applications to be performed with Mollaköy Perliti in the region.
- Our company Er-Per has an annual removable capacity of 384.000 tons and is produced in Erzincan Mollaköy town and shipped from Erzincan to surrounding provinces.
-Er-Per Mollaköy Perliti is proud to be the first and only company that certifies the material quality it has produced by taking TSE Standards.