What is Perlite?

The term acid phase in pearlite formed magma lava cools, a structure can be seen by the eye or with a microscope to induce fracture, the water droplets within the mass, refers to a volcanic glass. Some types of perlite when broken pearlescent small spheres is obtained; th perlite name means “Perla” is derived from the word.
In commercial use, the perlite, which expands when heated to a suitable temperature and which becomes porous with originating and naturally occurring volcanic glass is acidic. In certain specific forms of perlite grain size of 900-11000C approximately 4-20 times the volume expands when heated and explodes like popcorn, is becoming a very mild intensity.
Expanded perlite WHAT?
Containing 2-6% water bound within a glassy rocks and perlite by heating of the 800-11500C 4-20 times the volume of the resulting growth of providing low density expanded perlite material denir.genleş perlite; The main building, filters, insulation, textile washing, filling material, molding, oil industries and the agricultural sector in the prevention of marine pollution and cleaner heating costs of kullanılır.yapı; walls, roof and floor insulation and double glazing, apply by improving combustion in the boiler room with a fuel economy of up to 70% can be achieved.
As a natural consequence of this practice;

Air pollution is significantly reduced.

Against unwanted outside sound insulation in buildings can be made.

Structures correspond to the physics of thermal insulation; temperature differences on the material in a short time would prevent changing life of the structure is extended.

People live in buildings more comfortable and more healthy.