Social Responsibility

Our understanding of corporate citizenship, efficiency-oriented, risk developing a proactive approach to the identification and understanding of prevention. Our way of doing business, all our sources of this focus, our perspective is shaped movement. All our studies, limited resources effectively and prudently assess the sustainability approach and we intend to produce lasting value in.

More efficient use of our resources on the one hand responsible and prudent management on the other hand a gereğiyk duty of responsible citizenship. This offered us to be mindful when using any source world, the environment, humanity, future generations and ourselves, as we hear, we see a reflection of respect.

Established corporate culture of the business world community as well the most powerful one of its members each year, as corporate citizenship within the wide range of social sharing provides support for projects in which we live the life of society to improve the quality, our employees and their families, the local community and other stakeholders and our responsibilities to fulfill’re working .